High quality and security

If you are looking to offer advanced and encrypted communication services, in your own network, product or service, there is no better way than adapting open technologies such as the state-of-the-art Jitsi client and BlueJimp’s branding and development solutions.

The following packages are meant to provide you with an easy way to really integrate Jitsi (SIP Communicator) in your network or with your server so that your users can fully benefit from it:


Get the custom communications client you’ve always wanted. Our branding solution allow you to:

  • use your own logo and a name of your choice
  • use icons and colors of your choice
  • obtain your own Windows, Mac OS X and Linux installers


Our maintenance package is designed to give customers the reliability they need when deploying a client side solution. Besides Jitsi is a very rapidly evolving project and you’d definitely want to keep your version up to date. Our update and support services would hence provide you with:

  • automatic integration of all features added to Jitsi
  • 24h response time on business days
  • custom bug fixes
  • automatic integration of bugs fixed by the Jitsi community
  • support and maintenance over both existing and newly added code


Get the custom communication client you’ve always wanted and exactly the way you wanted it. Have us build for you features that would give an edge to you network or server platform. Everything we create for you is developed by the very people who help moving Jitsi (SIP Communicator) forward and keeping it an innovative and feature rich communications client.